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Family Interference (Both Sides)

Family Involvement:

Ideally, the members of your family are the people who love you the most. They gave birth to you, changed your diapers, cleaned up your messes, and put up with you during the terrible twos. They witnessed the best moments of your life, and they saw you at your worst. They interacted with you during the most important developmental stages of your life. As a result, your relationship with your family has given definition to your understanding of love. Your experience at home helped determine your understanding of a loving relationship.

Most of the times without notice or intention the elders in the family (both side) will be involved so much that they do not give chance to young partners to resolve their issues. Secondly they (elders) unknowingly damage the relationship by keeping one sided conditions. Family people should not touch the ego and respect of any one (during family counseling) due to this in long run creates big problems.

Problems are solvable when everyone talk positive and try to understand both side issues and give respect for other partner needs.

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Family Interference